Western Pacific Research

The Vision of Western Pacific Research is to bring back the traditional values and morals that America was founded on. We believe that making America great again is the duty of every citizen. Therefore, we have made it our mission to seek out those who share these values and dreams and provide them with a team of knowledgeable professionals with decades of collective experience in public and strategic matters. We engage daily where freedom, liberty, business, government and politics connect. And we win.

Business Consulting

Western Pacific Research provides innovative and efficient business solutions for your business, large or small.

Political Consulting

From getting on the ballot to your election night party, Western Pacific Research can help guide your campaign on the path to victory.

Media Marketing

Because we understand the unique challenges of today's multimedia marketplace; Broadcast, print, or social media, we find the most beneficial methods for you.

Polling and Surveying

We conduct research that helps you measure your chances for success, pinpoint cutting issues and develop a winning strategy.


For over 30 years, WPR has been helping businesses succeed and great leaders get elected. Take a look at what some of our clients have to say.


Western Pacific Research believes in strong communities. Communities are made strong through solid leadership. WPR helps put the best leaders into place on a daily basis.