Western Pacific Research, Inc. (WPR) provides varied services for supporting corporate and professional needs. WPR handles organizational functions such as media, community, consumer, industry, and governmental relations; political campaigns; and, interest-group representation. WPR establishes successful strategies unique to its clients needs through planning and management process, targeted data management techniques, message-based contact methods, electronic integration and sequencing, voter registration management, organizational strategies, advocacy campaigns, youth outreach, major event building, technology enhancements, training programming, petition signature collecting, state party building, as well as legislative campaign and caucus operations.

WPR has built a reputation for excellence and ingenuity in the political world for more than 30 years. Clients whom WPR have advised include Congressman Bill Thomas (ret.); Congressman Kevin McCarthy and Devin Nunes; California State Senator Jean Fuller; California State Assemblywoman Shannon Grove; Kern County Supervisors Ray Watson; Zack Scrivner, Mick Gleason Bakersfield City Council members Jacquie Sullivan and Ken Weir; Community College Trustee Dennis Beebe and Kyle Carter; School District Trustees Karen Dewalt, Romeo Agbalog, Dean Haddock; and, many other federal, state, city and school district officeholders. WPR has also played an integral role in the success of many other elected officials including Governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Pete Wilson, Secretaries of State Bill Jones and Bruce McPherson, and Attorney General Dan Lungren.

WPR’s successes have been repeatedly demonstrated over the span of 321 campaigns with a 97% success rate!

WPR manages community and non-profit organizations dedicated to American values such as The Bush House Museum Reading and Teaching Center, The Lincoln-Pacheco Center, The Young Republican Leadership Fund, In God We Trust-America, and Constitutional Advocates, Inc. A key element for WPR’s success can be attributed to its employees. Beginning with WPR’s President/Founder, Mark Abernathy, every member of our staff possesses a combination of skills, experience, and knowledge essential to fulfilling the needs of our clients. WPR staff is dedicated to the best interest of our country. This driving force behind the work they do is the main reason why WPR continues to be one of the premier consulting groups for political, community and business organizations in the country today.